Health Benefits

 A Total Body Approach

The high concentrations of antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamins and minerals present in blackcurrants means that they can offer benefits across a broad range of health and wellness issues. Whether you are suffering from joint pain or circulation issues, or are an athlete striving for peak performance, consuming Zeaberry’s Blackcurrant Powder can help.

Independent research shows that blackcurrants have higher antioxidant levels than over 24 commonly consumed fruits.


The Many Health Benefits of Blackcurrants


Reduced Cholesterol & Increased Circulation

heart-healthClinical trials have shown that taking a regular amount of blackcurrants over a sustained period can aid in the following ways:

  • leads to increases in “good” blood cholesterol and decreases in “bad” blood cholesterol
  • decreased vascular inflammation
  • increased blood flow and thus improved circulation
  • reduced blood pressure
  • lower plasma glucose after a meal with blackcurrants.


eye-testImproved Visual Functioning

Eye health has been shown to benefit from blackcurrant consumption. A clinical trial showed that consuming a teaspoon or less of blackcurrants increased the eyes’ ability to adapt to changes between bright sunlight and complete darkness.

The same dosage was also shown to greatly reduce visual fatigue following prolonged visual terminal display work.

mental-clarityImproved Mental Clarity

Taking an enriched blackcurrant extract before performing stressful mental tests helped trial participants in the following ways:

  • they maintained accuracy in computerised assessments
  • their mental fatigue was significantly reduced.
athletic-performanceEnhanced Athletic Performance

Consumption of blackcurrants and blackcurrant extracts can have multiple benefits for training athletes:

  • Augments the benefits of exercise by enhancing the immune responsiveness of the body
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and stiffening by increasing blood flow to muscles via a vasodilation response.
general-healthGeneral Health and Wellbeing

Blackcurrants can act as inhibitors of oxidative stress and DNA damage and are important for health and wellbeing. Lung Inflammation

There is scientific evidence, following a laboratory study involving isolated cells, to suggest that blackcurrant extract and a component called epigallocatchin can reduce airways inflammation.


The “Old Wives” were right….

Blackcurrants first came to New Zealand in the 1820s with the early settlers. Even then, people were aware of their medicinal properties.

History shows us they were used as natural remedies for a wide variety of health conditions from sore throats, eye strain, cardiovascular conditions, urinary infections to general symptoms of aging.

In recent years there have been many scientific studies carried out to substantiate claims made about the properties of blackcurrants.

It is now becoming widely proven and accepted that blackcurrants, with their high levels of essential bioactives, have a broad range of medicinal, general health and sporting applications.