Did you see us in Taste Magazine?

What an exciting start to the year we’ve had!

Towards the end of last year we were approached by New Zealand Taste Magazine to do an article on our farm and our blackcurrant powder. The crew came down one slightly chilly day back in November and spent the afternoon doing a photo shoot around the farm. Once the shoot was over, our good friend and local chef Miles Drewery and his wife Steph came over to cook us all a fabulous blackcurrant-themed three course dinner. Delicious!


Taste Magazine’s chef Tracey Sunderland also contributed to the evening by treating us to her own blackcurrant-themed fare. We were truly spoiled!

If you’re looking for ways to include Zeaberry Blackcurrant Powder into your cooking – try Tracey’s Pretty-in-pink marshmallows…or for something with a savoury twist, try Miles’ blackcurrant-cured salmon. Yum!

Our huge thanks go to Tracey and Miles for for their delicious food and recipes, and to Taste’s photographer, Vanessa Lewis, for taking such beautiful photographs of the farm and the food.

If you didn’t catch the article in the January/February Issue of Taste Magazine, you can download it in full here or visit Taste Magazine online, where you’ll find a whole range of articles and delicious recipes to tempt you into the kitchen.


Scientific support grows for blackcurrants’ sport nutrition benefits.

A recent paper produced by British Exercise Physiology Professor Professor Mark Willems and his team at the University of Chichester, strengthens the scientific evidence that our very own New Zealand blackcurrants show huge potential when it comes to sports and exercise nutrition.

Following some reported anecdotal evidence surrounding the benefits of blackcurrants within elite athletic circles, Professor Willems and his team decided to investigate further. New Zealand blackcurrants are already well know for their high levels of anthocyanins, and scientific evidence is growing to support a range of other benefits – including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Trial results found overall that the athletes experienced improved time trial performance, enhanced fat oxidation, lower lactate response, and experienced post-exercise benefits including enhanced blood flow and lower lactate levels.

To test his theory, Professor Willems conducted a double-blind trial on a group of trained athletes. (Double blind trials are ones in which neither the researchers nor the patients know what they are getting, and for this reason are often considered to achieve a higher standard of scientific rigour.) The purpose of the trial was to examine whether the use of NZ blackcurrants would alter physiological and metabolic responses during exercise and after exercise. Trial results found overall that the athletes experienced improved time trial performance, enhanced fat oxidation, lower lactate response, and experienced post-exercise benefits including enhanced blood flow and lower lactate levels.

More information on the trial, its process and results can be found here.


First published in The Sport and Exercise Scientist, Winter, issue 50. Published by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences – www.bases.org.uk


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Blackcurrants are good for your brain!

Fantastic to see the research  which has recently come out about blackcurrants and brain function.

NZ Blackcurrants are good for keeping us mentally young and agile. This could help with accuracy, attention and mood.

Click on the link below to view the research carried out by Plant and Food, which talks about stress and anxiety as well as Parkinson’s Disease. It makes for very interesting reading!

Plant and Food Blackcurrant Research.


Latest Asthma Research

Click here to read the latest asthma research on blackcurrants