About Us

Zeaberry, run by Robbie Reynolds and Janet McLennan, produces berries grown exclusively at Toka Farm, in the sun drenched Tasman region at the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

Our Farm

Toka Farm has been in the Reynolds family for over two decades. It is this deep rooted family ideal which makes Zeaberry a quality, wholesome product.

The location of the farm means that our blackcurrants benefit from exceptionally high levels of UV sunlight. It is the plants’ response to this UV light which gives the berries their deep black colour and goodness. This, combined with premium soil conditions, means that our berries have the highest concentrations of bioactives of berries anywhere in the world.

To see our blackcurrants through the seasons, click here.


Zeaberry products are grown and harvested from our own blackcurrant products. We believe that being involved every step of the way ensures we can give you the best quality health product, from start to finish.


Our Products